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This version is from the 1993 Single..... Get the music: http://www.amazon.com/Freestyle-Fellowship/e/B000APYNXU/ref=ntt_mus_dp_pel Freestyle Fellowship - The Last Temptation of Mics (Interview w/ HHE) http://www.hiphop-elements.com/article/read/6/5571/1/ Freestyle Fellowship are a rap group from Los Angeles consisting of rappers Aceyalone, Myka 9, P.E.A.C.E., Self Jupiter and producer J Sumbi. Their vocal techniques focusing on the method of the freestyle, as well as a successful infusion of hip hop and jazz, established the group as forerunners in the sub-genre of jazz rap, and also placed them amongst prominent West Coast underground hip hop acts of the early 1990s like Hieroglyphics, Abstract Rude u0026 Tribe Unique, and The Pharcyde. They are part of a hip hop collective known as Project Blowed. The group was formed at the Good Life Café in Los Angeles during the early 90s. Myka Nyne stated in an interview that he grew up with Aceyalone and Self Jupiter and knew them since elementary school, and he met P.E.A.C.E. in 10th grade. Before the Fellowship, Aceyalone, Spoon (of) Iodine, and Myka Nyne were in a group called the MC Aces in high school. After releasing the album To Whom It May Concern in 1991, the Fellowship became known in tape-trading circles, identified by their range in rhyming, at times bordering on scat, and Afrocentric messages over jazz inspired beat production. Their 1993 release Innercity Griots is acknowledged by many to be among the best hip hop albums of the 90s. In 1993, the group went on hiatus due to the four year incarceration of Self Jupiter. After his release, the Fellowship reunited to record Shockadoom in 1998 (released 2002). Temptations was released in 2001. The members of the Fellowship have all put out solo albums, with Aceyalone and Myka 9 being the most prolific. In addition to their solo work, Aceyalone and Myka 9 recorded two albums with Abstract Rude as Haiku D'Etat. In 1999, P.E.A.C.E. won second place in the Scribble Jam freestyle battle
Freestyle Fellowship - Hot PotatoFreestyle Fellowship - Hot PotatoFreestyle Fellowship - Hot PotatoFreestyle Fellowship - Hot Potato
Freestyle Fellowship - Hot Potato